Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Captain's Log, First Mate's Log: Mariella Appears

Two days since we took our last ship.  The weather continues fine though there be little wind.  Mariella will likely be the death of me, God love her.

A. Penn

Our dear Mariella Penn has made her entrance into the public eye.  Captain kept her safely hidden for almost two days before she escaped.  She somehow climbed out through one of the windows and up over the stern and onto the poop deck.  Johns was faithfully standing his post at the wheel, but he is likely our most superstitious crewman.  When he saw her he took such a fright that he jumped ship.  We had a proper struggle getting him back on deck.  Captain threatened to leave him in the water and sail away without him, giving Mr. Durkus the station of pilot.  Johns consented and returned to the helm, but I have no doubts that this is not our last incident involving the captain’s daughter.  Barney nearly fell to his death when he saw her.  Luckily climbs like a monkey.  Being inquisitive, he calls it.  He caught himself in the ratlines before he met his end on the deck.

At least the weather continues agreeable. 

R. Dawson

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