Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cabin Boy's Log: There Be a Gurl

Ther is a gurl on this boat!  I jus know it!  I kin here her voice in capms cabin.  Misser Dawson say I be too inquizative for me own good.  I don know what that means, ezakly, but I think it means I be a good climber and I be jus that.  As soon as I suspect there be a gurl on the Bane I climb down outside capms window and by neptoons beard there is a gurl in there.  I want to ask Misser Dawson about her, but I have this feelin that he don want to be talkin about her.  They be hidin her for a reason, says I.  I jus need a little more infermashun before I ask him.

But I will meet this gurl before we take to port next.  Mark me words.



What have ye ta say ta the crew?