Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Mate's Log: New Crew Member

We left the target ship this morning.  We took much of her cargo of wool and left behind what we didn’t have room for.  Captain Penn is very particular about his rum, so we left the rations on their ship and took only the captain’s private stash.  This was easily the strangest attack of my career.  I knew the first mate when I was a cabin boy twenty years ago.  He was a rigger back then.  On a related note, the captain met his long-lost fifteen-year-old daughter, Mariella.  She looks just like her father, there’s no mistaking the resemblance.  Captain Penn practically kidnapped her off that ship; we still haven’t worked out what she was doing with them.  Somehow we distracted the entire crew while he smuggled her into his cabin.  He just couldn’t leave her with that “band of swarthy cutthroats.”  I pointed out to him that those cutthroats are manning a merchant vessel and we are, in fact, pirates.  He chose to ignore that detail.

I can’t imagine how this could possibly end well.  I worry most about Barney; when he learns there’s a woman on board, he’ll be useless until we drop her off somewhere. 

R. Dawson


  1. :) I was very close on my guess! Fun!

  2. This made my day. Barney always makes my day though.


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