Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cabin Boy's Log: Barney Meets Mariella

I met capms dotter for proper tuday.  She be luvlier then any gurl I ever seen and she be ful of fire.  Ifn the capm don tos me overbored as he keeps fretning, I beleev Maryela and me will be havin grand advenchers together.  She tol me she luvs nuffin more than advenchers.  I fink thas why she be sailin wif merchint ships, cuz no pirate ship be takin her on, bein a woman and all.  Misser Johns say women be bad luck on the water, but nuffin bad aint happin to us yet.  I fink she be the best luck we ever did have on the Bane.


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