Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Children's Antics

Dear stupid Barney has been nothing but trouble since he and Mariella met.  They have scuttled all over this blasted ship together wreaking havoc and angering the crew.  Many of the crew were deeply upset when they learned there was a woman on board, and Barney named himself her personal body guard.  Not that she needs it, the men fear her father more than death.  Barney can’t seem to keep himself from showing off and we’ve had to fish him out of the water three times because of it.  After the third, Captain told him if he fell in again he’d have to find a way to climb back in on his own.  The two children are never alone together; Captain has made sure of that.  And Barney somehow maintains his duties.  Their antics are beginning to wear me out.

We’ve had some significant trouble with our navigation instruments of late.  The stars and the compass disagree by eleven degrees.  We can find no explanation.  Perhaps the girl really is bad luck.

R. Dawson

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